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Welcome to Redium Trade LTD

A unique investment project that will realize all your true desires, investing in it at least your efforts and means. Having joined the team of traders of the Radium Trades LTD you will be able to take part in the field of crypto trading without professional knowledge and skills. Our team will do all the work for you.


The successful activity of our company is the implementation of new algorithms and methods of trading. The use of brand new technologies for data analysis, which has reduced the risks significantly, allowing us to conduct trading activities with even greater feedback, as well as our team of professional traders who have vast knowledge and experience in such areas, are the key elements of the success of the company. Our team takes all decisions as quickly and precisely as possible, and such traits are highly valued in our field of activity.
All our activities are, in fact, the search for new solutions and overcoming of all sorts of difficulties that arise in the process of trade. We have created a friendly and strong team as a single whole, a company that is now at the height of its development. And now we give opportunities to everyone who wants to use the Company project and earn with us.



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Use the special calculator in order to calculate the income for the chosen investment portfolio as accurately as possible and without any difficulties.

Your profit:

Profit per hour 0.03 USD
Profit per days 0.7 USD
Profit per week 4.90 USD
Profit after period 13.30 USD

Selected plan: Light Trade

Minimum risks

Implementation of the diversification technology, using the maximum number of involved sources of income, allows us to minimize risks.

Professional team

Our traders constantly improve their trading strategies in accordance with the development and the emergence of new trading features.

Referral system

The three-level referral program makes it possible to earn additional funds from the investments of your personally invited partners.

Premium conditions

We provide our investors only with the best investment offers, which have the maximum profit rates at minimum terms.

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  • for 19 days
min - 10$ max - 5000$
instant payments
Deposit is included in the profit
    • 8
    • %


  • for 19 days
min - 5001$ max - 10000$
instant payments
Deposit is included in the profit
    • 9
    • %


  • for 19 days
min - 10001$ max - 50000$
instant payments
Deposit is included in the profit
    • 10
    • %


  • for 19 days
min - 50001$ max - 500000$
instant payments
Deposit is included in the profit
    • 22
    • %


  • for 1 days
min - 10$ max - 100$
instant payments
Deposit is included in the calculation
Official Registration of the Company
After the decision was made to open an Internet project to provide investment services to people from all over the world, it was also decided to officially register our organization as an official company. Since the project is based on the transmission of clients personal funds to the company, the decision to establish an official company is a necessary and correct one. We don`t want to have any problems with the law in any way, so our purpose is to make the project as transparent and fair to its visitors and investors as possible. We are completely open to each client and we provide every interested person with an opportunity to get acquainted with the legal documentation on the fact of creation and existence of our company. At present, the address of the company is 267 Kings Road, Chelsea, London, United Kingdom, SW3 5EN.
You can find more details on the Official Registry website, by following the link provided. Check company


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Bonus from the third level investors
Bonus from the deposits of your first level partners
Bonus from the deposits of your second level partners


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