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We are glad to present you our project, the main objective of which is to ensure the collective investment in trading activities on the largest cryptocurrency trading platforms. In this section you can study each investment offer in detail, get acquainted with the referral program and find out what steps need to be taken in order to become a real investor.

Investing with us, everyone will be able to receive complete financial independence, or at least to obtain much more free time and money that can be used only for their own pleasure and realization of their desires.

  • Frequently asked questions

What is a Redium Trade?

This is an crypto trading company, which is specialized on cryptocurrencies trading and cryptocurrencies exchange activity.

How can I work with Redium Trade?

At first you register in the system https://rediumtrade.com You create personal account in the company's online website. Then in a personal account you can invest your funds, create a deposit and withdraw profit.

How does profit separate?

80% - for investors, 20% - for the company. Thus we have the opportunity to pay the interest rate for our investors and to manage work inside the company.

Why did you decide to go to the Internet?

We have respectable database offline investors. But market trends show that online investments - this is the future. We need to keep competition with modern decisions. As a result, it was decided to create online platform.

How can I invest in the company?

Create your account. This is a very simple and fast. You will need no more than two minutes. Then check your private office. It designed especially for even new ones with no experience.

With What electronic payment systems platform works?

Perfect Money, AdvCash, Payeer, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash. This is the most popular and secure online payment systems. If you have never used them - You can quickly and easily open an account with one of these systems. We recommend them.

How does your affiliate program work?

In your personal account get personal affiliate link. Use it to attract potential investors. If they sign up at this link - you will get a bonus 4% of the his deposit amount.

How many levels in your affiliate program?

Three levels. For personally invited partner - You will be charged 4% of his contribution. If he still will invite new investors, you will be charged 1%. If one of his partners will make deposit, you will also be charged 1% of their contribution.

Can I lose money?

If you follow the instructions - no. Be vigilant and careful when creating account. Design a unique password, which is impossible will crack.

Can I create multiple accounts?

No. One person creates one account. If we will found that you have created more than one account, we will make you a warning. In this re- case - we will be forced to suspend your account and return to You your money.

What is minimum amount to withdraw?

Minimum amount to withdraw: 0.5 USD; 0.0005 BTC; 0.005 LTC; 0.005 ETH; 0.0005 BCH; 0.005 DASH

What is commission to withdraw?

Commission to withdraw: USD, BTC, LTC = 0.00; ETH = 0.0012 ETH; BCH = 0.0002 BCH; DASH = 0.001 DASH

What is cryptocurrencies rate?

Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash use the real rate at the time of opening the deposit and at the time of withdrawal of funds and in BitCoin, Litecoin - a fixed rate on an ongoing basis.