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If you want to invest free funds, and receive decent dividends in return, while spending a minimum of your time, then the Company project is just what you need. Our offer is a prospective long-term cooperation that will ensure the growth of the investors assets thanks to the company's trading activities. For many years we have been trading all kinds of cryptocurrency, and during this time we have studied the whole market in detail, learned all its subtleties and nuances, we know what to expect in various situations, and what not to expect. We provide completely real statistics of the project and the most convenient management of the service. By investing with us, you will not only learn more about the world of cryptocurrencies, but will also be able to significantly increase your financial status.

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Customer Support

If you have any questions or suggestions concerning the project, you can always contact our technical support, and you will receive the answer in no time.

Protection of service

The server is reliably protected, both from external and internal third-party intrusions. Hourly monitoring keeps the system safe constantly.

Data protection

We protect the confidential user data between the Internet nodes by using a special system of cryptographic SSL protocol.

Payment services

You are provided with a wide range of payment systems for replenishing the balance of your account. You can use one or several systems as you wish.

Information about
Redium Trade

Our team is a group of independent traders who have been engaged in mass trading on the cryptocurrency exchanges for more than six years. Every day throughout this whole time our team of professional traders has been conducting hundreds of trading operations, 90% of which bring positive results. The unique trading system developed by our team implies risk reduction and increased efficiency of trading sessions. Company provides a business model that allows us to pay daily interest to our investors` depositors regardless of the changing situation on the trading market.

Since the moment of foundation of the organization, the core of our team hasn`t changed much, which led to the creation of our own trading technology, which has significantly influenced the overall picture, changing everything for the better. Adhering to a clear plan and using our own method of bidding, we always have excellent results. Constant monitoring of the current market conditions and the use of flexible placement of working capital ensure a minimum percentage of risks. Such principle of trading assumes a high income growth throughout the entire working period.

Company has created a project that allows any investor, beginner or professional, to engage in investment activities in conditions of maximum comfort. But the most important thing is that our company provides participants with all the necessary conditions for extracting the maximum benefit from investing. The whole process provides for absolute confidentiality of client's data and funds. Join the Project Company and start earning the maximum by investing a minimum.